Tuesday, 28 June 2011

first try

Assalamu'alaikum (:

actually , me myself don't know what I should write for this entry . as requested by my sister , she asked me to write an entry in English . first of all , before I start talking nonsense , I want to apologize to who had read this entry . I am not so good in English , but not so bad as well . 

I am not so good in English writing , so then how about my speaking in English . must be worst right ? but I'll try my best and harder to improve my vocabulary . pronouns ? not so bad laa . but my vocabulary were so bad . I had very little words in my mind . because of that , I can't write and speak English very well . pity of me !

but , I keep holding these words . "as long as you have efforts , it is possible for you to achieve your dream " . I think that's all for this time . thousand of sorry if anyone of you can't my broken English . as what I'd mentioned before , this is my first try to post an entry in English ! (:

knee note : haha . funny rite ? hihi

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